Kim Dunbar Discusses the Importance of Northwestern University’s Fred Basolo Award

Kim Renee Dunbar
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COLLEGE STATION, TX / October 9, 2020 / Fred Basolo is a legendary former faculty member of Northwestern University. He began his time at the prestigious university in 1946 and advanced the school’s chemistry program to rank amongst the country’s best. The Northwestern University Department of Chemistry remains at the top, and the Fred Basolo Award is now presented annually to scientists who have made major contributions to the field. Chemistry professor and Ph.D Kim Dunbar recently discussed the importance of the award and its meaning.

Kim Dunbar is an ideal person to speak about the importance of the Fred Basolo Award because she was a recipient in 2019. Kim Dunbar was presented the award for her more than 30 years of contributions and advancements in inorganic chemistry. She explained that the award is such an honor to receive because of the incredible international advancements Fred Basolo made.

“Fred Basolo is internationally recognized for his contributions to reaction and synthesis mechanisms of transition metal Werner complexes,” Kim Dunbar said. “Being listed among the countless iconic chemists and professors who have received this award is beyond an honor.”

Kim Dunbar added that among the award recipients are world-renowned scientists who have held some of the most prominent industrial and academic positions. Many of these recipients have been idols, friends, and mentors of Kim Dunbar for decades.

The Fred Basolo Award was created by his students to mark and remember the incredible contributions he made. Kim Renee Dunbar added that Northwestern University presents the award annually to identify major role models. In addition to honoring renowned scientists, the award is meant to inspire future researchers and students.

“Fred Basolo took an interest in me when I was new to becoming a professor,” Kim Dunbar said. “He would tell the most amazing stories about the history of coordination chemistry and was always an important role model for me. Knowing him makes receiving the award an even bigger honor. It’s truly indescribable.”

Kim Dunbar concluded by stating that the Fred Basolo Award will continue to inspire those in the field of chemistry for decades to come. Receiving this honor is something every great chemistry professor should aspire to achieve.

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